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Monday, August 29, 2005

Human and nature

Human hunger is never satisfied,I think.
When child one doesn't know much about the outside world and wants nothing except love.
As the growing continues,the surrounduing starts familiarsing and when he is able to undersrtand the world around he expects something more.

At different ages of the life he thrives for different things. When in school he wishes a good bike to ride for.When in high school, mobiles becomes the new mantra and when finally in college it seems that theres some kind of gizmo competition going on in which new gagdets are desired everyday.

The hunger also arises in people living in different levels of our society. People below poverty expect that they had atleast the basic amenities of life with some nice added flavours of comfortnesss. This time they expect nothin more.So he works more.Finally when he reaches that level, he thinks that he should have owned some property,had some investments for secure future,being able to fulfill all the needs ofoneself and the family.So he works more.
Then comes the state ot richness. Being here you could not ask for more but as I believe ,people as this stage are those having deep pockets with thier own businesses.In this case then comes the hunger of capturing the market share,being part of rich societies,trying to take more clients,making more profits blah..blah..blah...So...he works more.Ultimately you retire,you want some rest,you are not interested in the fast competitive world,you just want to relax and spend the time in peace.So now..he works no more.

So what conclusion have I arrived on here? Is it that for such hungerness we can't enjoy our current lives or is it that we can never satisfy ourselves?Is it that we need societies with rich people or we need to be part of societies with rich value?I recall famous quote here by : W H Lewis
"The tragedy of our life is not that it ends so soon,but we wait so long to begin with it"
But the practicality is different..and I cannot deny it.


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